Edging – Now how neat is that?

Some people think that edging a lawn is an unnecessary obsession not worth the effort – and edging does indeed take a fair amount of effort. Other people swear by edging because of how neat and tidy it makes the lawn look, not only next to a sidewalk or patio but also in forming distinctive lines between beds and lawns. Frankly, we're part of the pro-edging crowd; we love the visual effects and the way that edging keeps stray weeds from encroaching. Of course, it helps that we've invested in a handy dandy power tool that's a whole lot easier to use than a handheld shovel. So, please, ask us to make you sharp-looking edges that define your beds and borders; you'll love the look, and we won't even tell others that you didn't do it yourself.

Mulching/Bark Blowing – Our finishing touch, efficiently performed

There's nothing like spreading mulch to dress up your beds, show off your plantings, keep down the weeds, and hold in the moisture. Our mulching looks great no matter what the size of your beds. But if you have steep embankments or large open areas, we use a huge bark-blowing machine that makes us even more efficient and sets us apart from the competition. So call us; you'll save time, trouble, and sweat as we add the finishing touch to your landscape.

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Seth's Tips & Tricks

  • Be edgy. You can clean up the edge between your lawn and mulched beds if you turn your string trimmer upside down and run it along a defining line to cut off bed encroaching grass. Too difficult? Ask SML to do it instead.

  • De-stress your lawn. Stay off lawns that brown out in the hottest days of summer. Those lawns will likely recover, even if it's next season. But don't mistake drought stress for insect or disease damage. In that case, ask SML to repair.

  • Lighten up! Landscape lighting adds not only a wow effect to your property at night, but it also provides an element of security. And with low-cost LED lighting, there are no bulbs to change.

  • Go easy on the mulch. If you mulch yearly, make it only about 1 inch thick. More mulch can't break down and, instead, builds up to the point where it damages plants and trees. Also, too-thick mulch can actually promote weed and mold growth.

  • Grow bigger fruits and veggies. Let us take a soil sample from your garden and send it off for testing. It's possible that a few natural amendments will do wonders for your blueberry or tomato crops.

  • If your lawn has turned brown, avoid walking or playing on it as much as possible until it is no longer stressed and it has started turning back to green. Don't mistake drought stress for insect or disease damage...lawns typically recover from drought stress but may need extensive repairs from insect or disease damage.

  • Be kind to your pavers. Sealing pavers helps to intensify the color and protects them from wear and staining. We can even use sealants that give your pavers a "wet" shine when the surface is dry.

  • Shear your sheep, not your shrubs. Save the power shearing for your sheep and ask us to prune your shrubs by hand. Yes, selective hand-pruning takes more time and effort, but you'll love the more natural look. And your shrubs will thank you.

  • Stop weeding! Unless you really and truly like to spend your days weeding around your flowers, have us apply a commercial strength pre-emergent weed control product. You'll be amazed at how much less weeding is needed.